02 December, 2011

91 PC Suite For Android phone

ဒီေဆာ.၀ဲကchina version ပါ ..application ေတြကိုတခါထဲဖုန္းထဲတန္းထဲ.လို.၇ပါတယ္
ဖုန္းနဲ.တန္းခ်ိတ္မ၇ခဲ.၇င္phone ထဲမွာ“Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging”
check box ထဲအမွန္ခ်စ္ေပးလိုက္ပါ

 How to Change PC Suite's Language from Chinese into English

1. find this  your PC Suite

computer ထဲကို  Install လုပ္ပီးဖုနး္နဲ.ခ်ိတ္လိုက္ပါ.ဖုန္းdrivrer ကိုinstallလုပ္ခိုင္း၇င္next ကိုနိပ္ေပးလိုက္ပါပီး၇င္ resart ခ်လိုက္ပါ.computer ျပန္တက္လာ၇င္.appသြင္းလို.၇ပါျပီ
ထည္.မဲ.app ကို  run  (double click)လိုက္၇င္တ၇ုတ္လိုတက္လာ၇င္
installက ေန၇ာကိနိပ္လိုက္ပါ..

91 PC Suite for Android V1.7.10.255
DOWNLOAD  hotfile

If your phone cannot be connected, please try the following operations:

1.If you are a GPhone or Sony Ericsson phone user, please go to “Settings->Applications->Development->USB Debugging” and check if the option is ticked.
2.If you are an OPhone user, please select Debug mode or ADB mode when the phone is connected.
3.If you are a Lenovo OPhone user, please select ADB mode or Sync mode when the phone is connected.
4.If your phone is connected over WIFI and if your phone has been rooted, the PhoneDaemon program will ask for the “Superuser Permissions” at first start, please allow it, then you can use all features of PC Suite, including Screenshot.

91 PC Suite for Android V1.7.10.255
New Features:
1. Added support for backing up/restoring installed apps to/from the internet;
2. Added "91 Print" feature in Photos;
3. Improved the ScreenSnap feature and added a toolbar.
Feature Improvements:
1. Updated the connection wizard.

Bug Fixes:
1. Fixed the issue that the Backup/Restore function was unable to normally restore contacts backed up in older version PC Suites;
2. Fixed the issue that the ScreenSnap feature was unable to be used when the device was connected over WIFI;
3. Fixed random program crashes in IE6;
4. Fixed other bugs.

အဆင္မေျပမူမ်ား၇ွိ၇င္ေျပာထားခဲ.ပါ. anythamya

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